Nona Raines

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ONE GOOD MAN: The Man Series, Book One

Erotic Romance Novella

Also in the series: Take This Man, Her Perfect Man


Just one touch...that's all Andie Benedetto wants when she glimpses her father's sexy neighbor. Images of deep long kisses and down and dirty sex heat up her fantasies. When she catches her watching him, she's embarrassed but undeniably turned on.

Just one weekend...that's all Matthew Vostek can offer Andie. He recognizes her shyness, but also senses her desire, the same desire he feels. Maybe they can fulfill each other's hottest fantasies.

Just an adventure...that's what Andie tells herself. Tired of playing the good girl, she's ready to accept Matthew's challenge and enjoy the most exciting sexual escapade of her life. But when the weekend is over, will Andie finally take what she wants instead of settling for second best?


“Well, what’s holding you back, girl? Hey, the man’s available, and he’s hawt. You’re just what he needs to mend his broken heart.” 

Andie snorted. “As if. Give me a break, Tania.”


Andie let out a long breath. “A guy like that doesn’t look at a woman like me.”

She saw her reflection in the mirror every day... No, she was not the type to catch the attention of her father’s new neighbor.

“How do you know what he’ll do if you won’t even give it a try?” Tania asked.  

“The man’s a player,” Andie told her, dismissing him. “He broke his girlfriend’s heart. He probably had another woman on the side.”

“You don’t know that for a fact.”

Andie sucked her teeth. “Of course it’s true. Just look at him.”

They both looked, and this time the two women caught a front view.  

What Andie saw made her heart start racing again. Matthew was wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, and the movement made Andie catch her breath. The body that she’d coveted last night was only more impressive in broad daylight. The jeans that displayed him so well in back fit just as beautifully in front. His arms were well defined. Andie swallowed hard as her eyes followed a large vein running from his shirt sleeve down the length of his arm. She pressed her thighs together to ease the pulsing between them.

“You don’t know it was his fault,” Tania said, being reasonable. “You’re condemning the guy without any proof. Anyway,” Tania continued, her words just a buzz in Andie’s ears, “I’m only talking about a few hot nights of fun. Why not treat yourself? All you need is one good man. He could be the one.” At Andie’s continued silence, she added, “Anyway, you know what they say. If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Ouch. Andie compressed her lips. Tania had scored a hit.


  • "This was a great story and exactly what I am looking for in an erotic romance. Not only does it have an engaging storyline but also lots of hot sex. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. " - Romancing the Book
  • Four Hearts - Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

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