Nona Raines

Life hasn't been easy for waitress Adelle Washington. When she lost her husband, her dreams died with him. Now her life revolves around raising her son. When he goes away to summer camp, she decides it's time to put herself first for a change. And what better way to do that than enjoy a fling with a sexy, vibrant man who wants her?

Nothing can ever come of an affair with Cal Winter. The venture capitalist is too quick with a smile, a quip, a laugh. Everything in life has come easily for him, including women. But Adelle's not looking for anything serious. For six weeks she'll let him play Prince Charming to her Cinderella. He'll pamper her by day and pleasure her by night.

When her son returns home, her life will go back to normal. The clock is ticking. When it winds down, Adelle won't lose a glass slipper—but she may lose her heart. 

Summer Cinderella (Ventures In Love Book 2)
Contemporary Romance


She nestled against his chest, breathing in the scent of his aftershave, enlivened by his body heat. His jacket felt so smooth against her cheek and his arms held her so securely. Her laughter melted away. She could stand like this forever.

As she relaxed into him, he grew tense. The muscles of his arms tightened. His posture stiffened. And against her belly, he grew hard.

​It wasn't the champagne making her dizzy now. Her breasts tightened and her nipples budded. Desire swirled in her middle, tingling out to her fingertips and down to her toes.  Her core grew soft and slick. Her panties moistened.

Lifting her head, she gazed into Cal's heavy-lidded eyes. Silently she invited his kiss, her lips full and tender.

He gazed down at her, his features taut with desire. "Are you sure?"

Her pulse spiked. "Yes."

His eyes clouded. "But earlier you—"

"That was before. This is now." She wouldn't question why all her fears had disappeared. She only knew they had, and she planned to make the most of it.

As though to test her, his hand drifted down her side, gliding along the silk of her dress. She felt no painful jolt now, only the honey-smooth slide of need.

He lowered his head and sealed his mouth to hers. His kiss was gentle, tender, as though he wanted to give her room to once again change her mind. But she was having none of it. Flicking her tongue against his lips, she let him know she wanted more. Much more.

That was all the hint he needed. His mouth opened and his tongue played with hers, teasing and stroking. She melted into him, consumed by heat as his kiss grew deeper, more insistent.

With her last crumb of sanity, she pulled back, hanging onto his lapels to steady herself. There was just one thing she had to know. "There's no one else, is there? No fiancée or steady girlfriend?" No matter how much she wanted him, she wouldn't poach on another woman's territory.

"No," he answered, his gaze capturing hers. "No one else."

Smiling, simmering with desire, she took his hand and led him into the bedroom. Once inside, she swiveled toward him, reaching behind her to unzip her dress.

"Let me," he said, his eyes bright with hunger.

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