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HER PERFECT MAN: The Man Series, Book Three


Also in the series: One Good Man, Take This Man


Kim Hansen has terrible luck with men. When her sexy downstairs neighbor shows a more-than-neighborly interest in her, she's suspicious. She's been burned too many times, by too many guys. Steamy sex is one thing, but Charlie Keller is smart, hot and successful—so what more could he want with her?

Though Kim does her best to shut him down, Charlie's not put off by her attitude. He doesn't scare easy. Kim thinks she's clever, using sex to maintain an emotional distance and to keep him off guard. But Charlie sees through her tough exterior to the tender heart beneath.

But Kim needs to be won over. Sure, their bedroom action is awesome, but given her past mistakes, she's convinced Charlie is too good to be true. Just too perfect. But if Charlie has his way, he'll prove that he's the perfect man for her.


“Come on, huh?” she pleaded, looking up again at the big cat in the tree. “Give me a break.”

Groucho just ignored her.

Mr. Keller walked toward her. “If you just leave him alone, I'm sure he'll come down when he's ready.”

Kim's mouth flattened. The last thing she was in the mood for was unsolicited advice from a non-cat owner.

“He got up there, he'll find his way down.”

“I don't like to leave him out.” Though Grouch had adjusted pretty well to indoor life, every once in a while the “call of the wild” kicked in and he couldn't resist the urge to break loose.

“We can keep an eye on him over there.” The man gestured with his thumb to the big porch in front of the house.

Kim's eyebrows rose. We?

She trailed him to the house and up the wide steps of the porch. She plunked down on the top step while he stood at the front door. “How about something to drink?” he offered.

“Sure,” Kim said casually. Feeling daring and hoping to fluster the teacher, she asked “Got any beer?”

He smiled. “Sure.”

She drooped when her little attempt fell flat. What was she doing? Trying to take her sucky day out on him?

He came out with a couple of bottles and handed her one. She glanced at the label, expecting some fancy brew so she could indulge in a bit of reverse snobbery, but to her disappointment it was the same inexpensive kind she usually bought.

“Not your brand?” he asked.

“No, it's fine.” Then, she added “Thanks, Charlie.” Though he'd told her to call him that, it gave her a naughty thrill to do so. She felt like an impudent student daring to address her teacher by his first name.

He smiled broadly, easily. “My friends call me Charlie.” He clinked the neck of his bottle against hers. “I hope that we'll be friends. Kim.”

Looking at that smile, at that set of gleaming white teeth, Kim felt as though someone—or something—snatched the breath right out of her. Though they hadn't touched, a spark of static electricity zapped her.

Dizzy and light-headed, she quickly looked away as a tingle flashed through her, concentrating right between her thighs. The mouth of the bottle clicked against her teeth as she tipped it to moisten her dry mouth and quench the sudden heat in her belly.

 All she could think was: Ohhh, crap.


  • "Fabulous book!" - Coffee Beans and Love Scenes, five cups
  • "A great story with lots of emotion, conflict, tenderness and steamy sex...you will enjoy Her Perfect Man." - Romancing the Book, "A Rose that Rules All," highest rating

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