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Gloria Navarro met and married her soul mate. When he died, she felt she'd never know that kind of love again. But when she finds a love letter between the pages of a book and the man who wrote the missive, she starts to believe lightning might strike twice.

To Bryan Dunn, love is a four-letter word. He doesn't go in for cheap sentiment or hearts-and-flowers. But he wants Gloria, and to get her, he'll let her believe he wrote the silly letter. The longer he's with her, though, the more he cares. If she discovers the truth about him, it just might break the heart he never thought he had.


Using the plastic spoon, she scooped up a mound of custard and syrup, lifted it toward Bryan’s mouth.

“No.” He took the spoon from her. “You first.” 

She opened her lips for his offering. The flavors of vanilla and caramel swirled and melted in her mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned.

“Good?” His voice was a low rumble.

“Mmm…” Her eyes fluttered open when his thumb brushed the corner of her mouth, swiping away a drop of sugar syrup. As he brought it to his mouth, she clutched his wrist. “No.” Their gazes locked. “Mine.”

Bryan went still as Gloria licked the sweet glaze from the pad of his thumb. 

Gloria couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe as he closed in for a kiss. When he kissed her, all thoughts flew from her mind. Only their lips touched at first, their breaths mingling. It wasn’t enough. He drew her close, gently, as though afraid to break their fragile connection. As soon as her breasts nestled against his hard chest, he grew bolder, teasing her lips with his tongue. She gladly opened to him, offering the tastes of vanilla and caramel.

But Gloria didn’t stand passively and receive his kiss. She wanted him and would damn well let him know. Gripping his shoulders as their tongues caressed and played, she was an equal partner in their embrace, giving as good as she got.

When the kiss ended, she spooned up another bite of custard and fed it to Bryan. “Your turn.”

He smiled as he swallowed the mouthful. “Delicious, if I say so myself.”

“It would be better with coffee.” 

“Yes,” he agreed. They both ignored the coffeemaker on the counter as their gazes locked. “There’s coffee at my place.”

That was all she wanted to hear. “Let’s go.”


  • "Delicious" - Dear Author
  • "As far as romances go, they don’t get more perfect than this one." - A Bookaholic's Fix, five-star review



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